The Pre-IUI Visit

Today was my pre-IUI visit with Dr. B. It was pretty standard , as all office visits consist of waiting room, blood work, waiting room, u/s, waiting room, meet with doctor, check out/scheduling.

I now have THREE follicles (there were two this past Friday, and I was pretty happy about that, so three makes me nearly elated). My OPK hasn’t read an LH surge yet; I’m guessing that will happen tomorrow. My ‘lil follies are measuring at 22.8 mm, 15.8 mm, and 15.1 mm, so the two smaller guys aren’t quite contenders yet, but by Thursday they just may be. Regardless, I’m still looking at an increased chance of conception here, and I’m so thankful the Clomid did what it was supposed to. Medicine is so amazing to me. Like, I just take this pill a few times and extra follicles appear. How cool! How easy it was, too. Hugs to the dude who invented this, major kudos to God for giving him the idea and wisdom to execute the making of this medicine.

Anyway, my IUI is scheduled for this Thursday. I have to drop off DH’s specimen at 8:00 a.m. and return at 10:15 for the procedure. I’m debating on coming into work for the interim period or not. I’m not familiar with the town Dr. B’s office is at enough to go do something to keep myself occupied during the wait.

Can you tell I’m nervous? I’ve no idea what to expect, other than what I’ve read online. When I asked Dr. B to give me a rough estimate of my chances of conceiving with the IUI he replied with a figure of 17%. Not exactly a thrilling number. So UN-thrilling, in fact, that I didn’t even ask what my chances are naturally, for fear of hearing such an abysmal number that it would ruin my entire day. Since a “normal” couple’s chances of conceiving naturally are about 15 – 20%, I’m a bit angry that I’m paying a few hundred bucks to get what most other people get for free. Like, shouldn’t all this that we’re going through yield a higher percentage for our chance than if we hadn’t gone to the trouble?

Sometimes I get so discouraged…. I find myself already discouraged because of our chances and I haven’t even had the procedure yet! It’s moments like this that I really must stop and pray and seek the comfort of the knowledge that GOD’S GOT THIS. I am not in control. There is nothing I can do to increase whatever small amount of control that I think I do have in this situation. Resting in the Lord can be harder than it sounds sometimes. Our human reasoning has this pesky tendency to keep getting in the way.

So ladies, can anyone who’s had IUI give me a breakdown of what it’s like? I mean, I know what they’ll be doing and all, but the cold, clinical procedure is only part of the experience—there’s an emotional, human side as well. Thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences welcome.

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Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

5 thoughts on “The Pre-IUI Visit”

  1. Our 2 IUI’s were not bad at all. I didn’t even feel it actually! They placed the sperm into the catheter inside me (after my husband did what he needed to in the other room). I laid on the table for about 20 minutes or so and was on my way! From what I remember (it was about 3 years ago) I got my period after so I knew it failed before the 2WW was over. They still had me do a beta tho to be sure. Best wishes to u!!

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  2. I’m having my first IUI on Saturday! Clomid days 5-9. Stage III endo, PCOS, and Adenomyosis. Had two follicles 15 and 11 on Monday. I’ll keep watching yours to see how it goes!

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