Why I Won’t Do IUI Again

Whew! I’ve been a busy gal. Lots to update! I’ll start here.

So, first, this unfortunately (but not unexpectedly) happened:


AF arrived four days late. Which was so especially cute since I never (I mean like “never” as in this has only happened once in the past two years) get AF that late in. At most, maybe she’s a day late. But not four. So the two long weeks of the TWW was actually a T1/2WW, adding to the stress level.

Now that it’s over though, I can admit it: Who was I kidding? I knew going in that IUI for someone with Stage IV Endometriosis is a total shot in the dark. I just wanted that chance—the chance to have the same odds of conceiving as the fertiles do for once in my life. And for me personally, before I was really ready to commit to this infertility treatment thing and move into more invasive and expensive ART procedures, I had to check IUI off my list. I had to give it a try for my own sake. And you know what? It totally wasn’t worth it. The extra follicles that Clomid produced made my ovary enlarge to the point that I had such severe ovary pain daily for three weeks and spent every evening in bed after work with my heating pad. No ibuprofen even to ease the pain (cause, after all, what if I were pregnant?). I’d like to think that I battled through it valiantly, but DH might tell you otherwise. Not fun.

Then, there were the cramps. I seriously have not had such severe cramping leading up to AF since back in the days when I had two ovaries (11 years ago). I experienced nine (!) days of severe cramping leading up to AF, followed by the actual cramps from AF. I don’t know the reasons medically/physically behind why this happened like it did, maybe there are some, but I really don’t care to go through that again to find out why.

I blog on my lunch breaks, since that’s the only time I have access to a desktop, so the remaining updates will have to happen on another day. Stay tuned though, cause up next is: Firing My Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Despite the disappointment, God is Still Good. Sometimes there’s just more wilderness than promised land.


Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

5 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Do IUI Again”

    1. My BBT & OPK results were lined up perfectly with all the u/s and blood work that I had done; the IUI was actually timed just right. But my body tends to exact revenge if it’s poked around in too often. That’s what I think happened.


  1. Im sorry it didnt work out this time. My hubby & I still did IUI despite the fact we were told it wouldnt work and sort of feeling it wouldnt. It was just something we had to do before we moved on to IVF, just to check it off the list as you said.

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  2. 😦 ugh so frustrating!! I have chatted with a few people that have had severe endo like you, and believe it or not, IVF worked. Don’t give up hope 😉 Sounds like everything is working ok, it’s just ENDO… I’d love to just make it disappear!!

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