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There’s a lot of books out there on infertility. Like A LOT! As I’ve found out the hard way, some are better than others. Some IF books focus only on the medical side of things, others emphasize charting and CM to the exclusion of everything else, and some just try too hard to be modern, relatable, cutesy, and “girl-friendy.” Even though a few months ago I swore that I wouldn’t, I’ve ordered and read several books on infertility, and this one by far is the best: The Infertility Companion by Sandra L. Glahn and William R. Cutrer.

The Infertility Companion is a book about infertility with a Christian perspective co-written by both a Christian OB/GYN and a Christian woman who’s experienced years of infertility. It covers the medical, physical, emotional, spiritual, and ethical realities of IF that, really, as a whole encompass so much of this journey. None of us are one-dimensional. If you’re a fellow blogger with an IF blog, then you know all too well how it affects every part of our lives. That’s why I love this book. You can buy it here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and (if you’re like me and order cheap secondhand books) here at Even for a non-Christian, I’d highly recommend this book if you’re going through IF.

Here’s a list of topics covered:

  1. Where We’ve Been: Your Companions in the Ditch
  2. The Wedded Unmother: Myths and Facts
  3. Marital Dynamics: She Wants a Baby, He Wants His Wife Back
  4. Emotional Dynamics
  5. Handling the Well-Intentioned Advice
  6. Where is God When it Hurts? Is Infertility a Curse?
  7. The Underlying Question: Why Did God Create Sex?
  8. The Medical Workup: Collect the Clues
  9. The Continuing Workup
  10. The Doctor: The Third Party in a Couple’s Love Life
  11. State of the Arts: High-Tech Treatment
  12. A Moral Minefield: We Can Do it, but Should We?
  13. Determining Right from Wrong: The Ethics Construct
  14. Three’s Company: Third-Party Reproduction
  15. Aid in the Begetting: Donor Eggs, Surrogacy, and Embryo Adoption
  16. Using a Donor: What the Kids and the Research Tell Us
  17. Loss Upon Loss: Miscarriage, Failed IVF, and Failed Adoption
  18. Infertility Patient as Parent: Secondary Infertility, Pregnancy, and Parenting After Infertility
  19. Resolution: Adoption or Childfree Living
  20. You Are Not Alone

Just thought I’d throw that out there. Happy Reading!

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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