What You Wish You Had Asked

Short post today. I’m nearing the end of yet another fun-filled TWW, but I could’ve told you since nearly a week ago that this month was not the month and that AF is on her way. I was somehow hoping that having the HSG might have pushed some “gunk” outta my tube and helped for conception this month. Nope.

ANY-way, today’s post is this: What you would have asked during your IVF consult that you either didn’t ask, realized later you should’ve asked, or kicked yourself later wishing you had thought to ask? If you were able to go back in time to your first consult, what would you have done differently? asked differently? mentally prepared yourself for going into this? What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back and do it again?

Our IVF consult is scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’ve been googling potential questions to bring with me. I realize that everyone’s journey is unique and that not all questions apply to each person, but some things are pretty universal. As I read through many of your blogs I realize that I’m a total newb at all things IVF, but then again, my fellow bloggers were new at this too at one time! We all gotta start somewhere, right?! There’s a lot of IVF acronyms and test names etc. that—right now—are a mystery to me: I know that may change very soon. I just don’t want to miss anything that’s glaringly important!

As always, all feedback welcome and thank you for sharing your journeys!

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

13 thoughts on “What You Wish You Had Asked”

  1. Check out my prior posts “Reproductive Slang” for some acronyms; “20 Questions” and “Always Room for Improvement” for things I wish I would have known/asked prior to doing IVF! Hope it helps a little. Good luck tomorrow!!!


    1. I’ve been trying to search your site but it only shows me like 3 old posts from 2011 and it looks different than normal. Did you move your blog?


  2. My infertility is unexplained and doctors keep telling me that I should be able to conceive naturally, which is heartening and maddening in equal measure. I always wish I could be able to pinpoint the exact thing that is preventing me from conceiving, so it will help me understand what part of the treatment should help to overcome my problems. I tend to favour asking the same simple question a lot: what is causing my failure to conceive? I figure you never know when someone will suggest something that hadn’t been thought of previously or if someone will reassess all the evidence and have a new interpretation on things, so don’t feel that if you have a diagnosis that it is 100% correct or that things haven’t changed since it was made. Good luck! xx

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