As DH and I drove to our IVF consult this morning, I couldn’t help sensing that we’ve suddenly crossed a bridge that we can never uncross. This is it. We’re really doing it. The actuality of doing IVF is settling over me like a sudden thick blanket instead of the light, slowly drifting sheet it was in my mind until now. As much as I thought I was prepared, you can never fully prepare yourself for the reality that awaits.

Overall it went well: we met with Dr. C, had a telephone conference with the financial department, and met our nurse, who drew blood and collected urine from each of us. I gotta say, it was sort of nice having a partner going through the worst of the yucky business with me this morning, even though DH only had to have one vial drawn to my three. The unfairness of how easy the male gender has it never ceases to show up. Most of the blood work I can skip since I had it all done so recently at Dr. B’s office. I provided Dr. C with all my records from Dr. B, so they have a good starting point for me, complete with a packet of 7 weeks’ worth of my u/s pics in case they get really bored.

We can opt to either begin this first IVF cycle next week (AF is due on Saturday for me) with my beginning taking Estrace, or—if we need extra time to make our decisions and work out the finances—we can begin in a month from now. Since we’re going out of town for Labor Day, I’d rather begin right away. We didn’t get this ball rolling to pause it, if we can at all help it.

Before the cycle begins, we gotta get the following out the way:

1. New semen analysis for DH. As I suspected, the two semen analysis’ done by Dr. B were, shall we say, less than thorough.

2. Hysteroscopy for me.

3. Nurse consult scheduled for this Monday to learn about our meds. I’m fortunate that DH works in healthcare and is a whiz at giving needles. I feel so much more assured that he can handle that part for me, at least in the evenings.

4. Mock transfer.

I fortunately don’t have to have an endometrial scrape done. I’d been seriously concerned about that and it’s a relief that Dr. C doesn’t see its necessity.

Here’s the crappy part: So, I asked Dr. C if I’d be getting low-dose IVF. The reason I thought maybe I’d be a candidate for LD IVF is that I only have the one ovary, so maybe he could halve the meds. HA! NOPE! Just the opposite. He told me that because I only have the one ovary that he’d need to treat me like I was an older woman and give me increased dosages of meds. I need to check my notes (which are at home) about how he explained why I’d need that.

Nervous, excited, apprehensive, scared, and this is just the beginning.

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

12 thoughts on “Whirlwind”

  1. Good luck! You are in very good hands! That clinic runs like a well oiled machine — I always felt looked after and taken care of there. I always had to be on old-lady doses of meds, too. Yay, hormones!


    1. Oh BTW, do you have Dr. C’s email address? AF showed up like an hour ago and I never got his email or card and the office is closed. Can you email it to me if you have it?


      1. I don’t but I can track it down. If it’s some urgent, meaning you need an appointment for tomorrow, just call the office and leave a message for the on call doc to call back. That’s what they want you to do when you start your period on a holiday weekend or whatever.


  2. Wow!! That is a lot to take on!! I really don’t like the fact they make you re test. That always bothers me… It’s like hello we spent so much on all l of this already. Well at least the plan is in place!


    1. His previous SA was so bare bones, just a few numbers scribbled on a piece of paper. I’m actually glad we’re getting it redone, and more comprehensively. But yeah, I wish they’d done it right the first time too 😦


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