Am I Seriously Doing This?!

ducksinarowWe’re officially doing this crazy IVF thing. I’m kinda shell-shocked, it seems like everything happened so fast. I’ve done all my pre-IVF lovelies, picked a package from the clinic, paid for it, basically gotten all my ducks in a row. And it’s all freaking me out a bit. How did I get to this point? I feel….. —-heck, I don’t know how I feel! It changes like a zillion times a day. Nervous. Excited. Anticipated. Freaked out. Terrified. Sad. Happy. Angry. Tearful. Hopeful. Leery. Meltdown-ish. You name it, I’ve felt it on any given day. I hope this is normal?

Even though we’ve done all our homework, I also sorta feel like I don’t really know what I’ve gotten myself into here. DH deserves a Husband of the Year award for putting up with my crazy, intolerable self these past few months. No matter how completely unglued I become, he’s always there for me, no questions asked. If there is such an award, I’m totally nominating him for it.

Currently on CD3. AF came 2 days ago. I called the clinic to let them know and went in this morning for baseline and BW. It was pretty terrible because I had a different doctor (Dr. F) who I’ve never met before and I wasn’t too thrilled with him. My cervix has been ultra sore and sensitive lately ever since my recent IUI/HSG/mock transfer/hysteroscopy. It hurt like whaaaaaa when Dr. F (who never introduced himself to me–huge pet peeve of mine, but anyway) went to do the u/s this morning (sorry if this is TMI!). He’s like, “Do you always react like this to trans u/s?!” To which I reply, “Yes, and especially lately with you guys tampering with my cervix so much.” He asks me why I have only one ovary. I told him cause an evil dermoid cyst swallowed it a few years ago. He replies that his wife has had three dermoids and still has both her ovaries. Well, isn’t that nice? Why is he telling me this?! I hightailed it out of there this morning and am hoping to avoid Dr. F like the plague from here out.

Okay, so I digressed. Anyways, I go back to the clinic on CD11 or 12 for OV check, then begin estrogen priming with Estrace for somewhere between 7 – 12 days. Then it’s hurry up and wait for next AF and begin my injectables, which are:

  1. Menopur
  2. Bravelle
  3. Cetrotide
  4. Crinone
  5. HCG trigger
  6. Plus little things like Medrol and Doxycycline, which I’m not concerned about.

None of my meds (or my IVF) are covered by insurance. I’m currently waiting to hear back about the discount programs I’ve applied for. DH being a veteran helps some, cause these guys (^^^) all come with mega pricetags. I spent my entire lunch break on Friday calling every single pharmacy on a list my clinic gave me to get prices. Some of the meds are close to the same price, but others vary widely between pharmacies. For anyone else about to begin IVF with no infertility insurance coverage, seriously, I cannot even say enough about how much calling around for prices is so important. It can save literally hundreds of dollars.

I know this post is all over the map today, but that just goes to show how all over the map I am too! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

6 thoughts on “Am I Seriously Doing This?!”

  1. Hooray!!! I hope it works. How are you feeling with all the injections/meds? We went to our IVF appointment a few days ago and wow we had sticker shock with the price of everything. Things got so real in that moment that it’s actually happening. We plan for our cycle to be October- that’s if everything goes to plan!


    1. It so just got real for me too 😦 I just commented on your post about the meds and stims. It sounds crazy but they were so expensive that I’m almost too scared to touch them lol. Best wishes!

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  2. LOL! I am not looking forward to that package arriving. Makes me nervous all the things that we have to take but that is what the guys are for haha. Need your sperm and for you to do all these injections for me 😉 Please and thanks!


  3. “Evil dermoid cyst swallowed it”. LMFAO at work. Not at your misfortune but your clever quip. A sense of humor really does take you a long way. I just started reading your post as I have only recently embarked on IVF as of May 2016. I still have yet to finish your blog or catchup, rather. Fellow Stage IV Endoist hear with suspect 1 functioning ovary. I say suspect b/c after my first cycle I think it was clear more follicles were populating on one side. The REs have not directly told me that but it’s a suspicious. Can’t wait to read more! Best wishes.

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    1. Best wishes for your upcoming IVF cycle! It was a blast from the past for me to come back to this post today. I’d forgotten all about Dr. F, guess I blocked that one out. Happy reading 🙂


  4. Please forgive the typos. *Fellow Endoist here*. *It’s a suspicion. I don’t think one can edit posted comments.


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