After 40+ straight hours of intense nausea I called Dr. C’s office this morning. I told them that within 15 minutes of my first injection I’d been experiencing nausea that wasn’t relieved by any home remedies. The verdict? Nurse tells me Dr. C says that my nausea is unrelated to the stims and that if it continues I should see my primary. What?!?! She says extreme nausea is a rare side effect of these meds. “Rare” doesn’t mean “never,” right? I got a little mad that they doubted me. I unfortunately have always had a very sensitive constitution and I know with total certainty that this nausea is from the stims. There’s been no other changes in my system/diet/routine, I didn’t eat bad fish or anything (not that I would eat it anyway, I’m veg), yadda yadda. Mercifully, Dr. C was kind enough though to call me in some Zofran. It’s helped some but the nausea is not totally gone either. Anyone else experience this too? From what I read online, nausea seems kinda common for a lot of women.

I was late to work to wait for the pharmacy to open to get my Zofran. When Coworker asked what was wrong, I just said some hormones I’m taking have made me nauseous. She goes, “Hmm. Maybe your pregnant?” Truly poetic.

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

8 thoughts on “Nausea”

  1. Yes, I always get nausea from stims, and from Clomid, too! And the nurses and doctors always tell me it’s unrelated. Right, like I just happen to get a stomach virus every time I do a treatment cycle. Give me a BREAK. Annoying that they didn’t believe you, but glad they gave you meds!

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      1. Aw, thanks. I will try to update soon. So much has been going on — another stim cycle, work craziness and the death of a close friend — and I am just too exhausted to write or post anything!


      2. Sorry to hear the bad news. You know, I started reading your blog today from the beginning. Boss didn’t mind, he was in the conference room all morning so I figured that was his way of saying “Go ahead!” You write very well. Some points I was lol-ing for real. Best wishes on your current cycle 🙂


      3. Thank you! And, ha, I love that you went back and read some of those crusty old posts from 2011.I’m glad that I could provide some entertainment during your work day, and that you had your boss’s “permission.” Lol.


  2. I totally just read your blog from start to now. It’s a good read! I’m glad you were able to find a doctor you like. Sometimes thats the hardest part about starting this whole thing. I had one doctor (at the same practice, but different office) who totally treated me like just a number. Then they opended up an office near where I work/grew up/where I want to give birth and I LOVE my doctor. Looking forward to reading more on your 1st IVF journey!! I, however will be starting clomid for the 1st time tonight. These horror stories are FA-REEking me out.


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