Things are looking So Much Better for retrieval these days. My follies have grown to 14, 13, 13, and 9 (wasn’t expecting that last one, were ya? Me either!). I’ve had two ultrasounds since my last post and both have been progressively way better than what I was trending with last week. Dr. C is Über pleased with my results. He told me that he’d been really concerned about my (lack of) progress all last weekend, and after reading my chart was worried this cycle might not pan out. That’s the kind of doctor he is: flippin’ awesome. Whose RE actually thinks about you on his weekend off, let alone takes time out to review your chart just because?! I seriously love this man. He’s insanely, infinitely cool.

My med dosages are remaining the same here on out. I’ve since doubled my Menopur dosage from what I began with and it seems to be doing the trick. I’m currently on day 12 of stims and will stay on them for a total of 14 days once its all said and done. Ganirelex was added to my drug cocktail a few days ago. It’s made me a bit queasy (shocking, right?), but otherwise I feel fine. Throughout this whole process none of these medications have affected me emotionally or made me moody or anything. I’ll possible trigger Sunday night and have retrieval Tuesday.

Boss was out for the day today, so Coworker and I took a vote and decided that lunchtime was an appropriate time to call it a week. After sneaking out of work early, I spent the afternoon at my all-time fave park ever to just relax and talk to God and get centered in some much-needed alone time. It was lovely to just stretch out on a bench and gaze at the sky and get lost in my thoughts. I feel a zillion times better.



Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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