Trigger Happy


Nope. Not the “crazy-gon-kill-you” type trigger-happy; the IVF kind of trigger happy! Except I can’t yet. Boo.

Today’s u/s showed bigger follicles that still aren’t big enough. The clinic wants to see at least 18mm to retrieve; my biggest guy (gal?) is at a 17. One measly millimeter. One. That’s all that’s holding me back here. Believe that?! I’d been reeeeeeally looking forward to triggering tonight because: a) I’m getting inpatient; b) continuously adding days of medication is getting seriously expensive, not to mention caused me a side trip out to the always fun-filled City of Trenton to restock my supply; and c) a Tuesday retrieval like I’d been hoping for would’ve meant that Dr. C was the doctor who performed the procedure. If my body would stop responding so sluggishly and grow these babies already, then I’ll be looking at a Wednesday retrieval. They hope…. Or Thursday. C’mon and grow, lil follies!

And, just because I’m getting sorta exhausted talking/thinking/typing/living all things infertility 24/7 these days, I leave you with a pic of Fezzik, the latest addition to our household. My pet fish, Seymour, died last week. Amidst all the nausea and needles, his death sadly went unannounced. Fezzik (black fish) has joined the tank with Phineas (pink fish). These two super aggressive fellas are currently duking it out in an all-out turf war; the winner has yet to prevail. I’m sure there’s a fitting analogy there somewhere. Enjoy.


Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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