Day 2 and 3 Embryos

The lab has been calling me to give a daily report on the embryos. I sit by my phone at 8:45 each morning willing it to ring to get my data fix. Since my last post on Day 1, all nine have survived and continue to grow. Here’s the breakdown:

Day 2:

~ One 3-celled embryo

~ Four 4- celled embryos

~ One 5-celled embryo

~ Three 7-celled embryos

On this day, the lab was concerned about the three 7-cell embies. They thought these fellas had grown too quickly and would basically fizzle out. DH and I of course don’t want to lose a single one, so we prayed that all nine would survive….


…on Day 3 we still had all nine! As follows:

~ One 4-celled embryo

~ Three 6-celled embryos

~ Two 7-celled embryos

~ One 8-celled embryo

~ Two 10-celled embryos.

The lab’s consensus on Day 3 was that they’re not so much worried about the three 7-celled embryo anymore, but are instead concerned about the 4-celled and one of the 8-celled (previously a 7-celler). Each of these embies in question gained only one additional cell overnight, which is much slower growth than they like to see in a viable embryo. Once again though, GOD can do the impossible, so DH and I continue to pray and hope against scientifically-proven odds.

For reasons unexplained, the lab does not examine embryos on Day 4, so I won’t get another report until the day after tomorrow. Anyone know why this is? Just knowing that I’ll not get an update tomorrow is torturous! I have inexplicable separation anxiety going on: I want nothing more than to slip into the lab under the cover of darkness and covertly steal my babies back. Because they belong here. With us. It’s impossible to think about anything else. This a fierce emotion that I was NOT expecting. Being separated from our embies while their care is in the hands of strangers does not bode well for us. It’s completely irrational, yet feels compellingly normal.

*NOTE* I realize that posts like this are generally tedious play-by-plays to my blog followers. This may be the point in an IVF cycle—especially for a first timer like me who views the process with shiny-eyed awe and no cynicism—where readers kinda tune me out until BFP/BFN time rolls around. I totally get it. I’m not out to blow up everyone’s feeds. I’m not apologizing for blogging; more like fair warning for upcoming blog topics. Right now I’m blogging mostly for me and our hopefully-baby-to-be, to chronicle our TTC journey, so bear with me please. Of course, if you’re reading this so far and ARE interested, then I think you’re a super rad rock star and I love you much.


Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

7 thoughts on “Day 2 and 3 Embryos”

  1. I was told that they like to let the embryos rest between day 3-5 and really let them do their thing. The less disruptions, the better.


  2. Wow- I had no idea there wouldn’t be a day 4 report, but you have some really strong contenders!! Have you decided if you are going to transfer 1 or 2? I am sooo excited for you! I can’t wait to hear what they call with tomorrow on day 5.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess not having a choice makes that much easier! Wow… tomorrow is the big day!! So exciting!!


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