Left of Center

First off, I just want to say how much I love you guys and that you all seriously rock! I had  some questionable feelings last week about this whole IVF thang. But within mere minutes of my Debbie-downer post, you guys sent so much encouragement my way—from across the city, across the country, and even across the pond! I haven’t personally responded to your many awesome comments, but please know they meant the world to me and lifted my spirit. I think I’m in a better place this week.

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was the intense left-sided pubic/groin pain I’ve regularly had since my transfer. Dr. C was concerned enough about it last week that I ended up with an unexpected pelvic exam and ultrasound, which—much like planets orbit a sun—showed seven nasty looking cysts surrounding my ovary. Even crazier, the formation of the cysts on the u/s screen looked just like those Scream masks you can purchase at any Halloween costume store:


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

While having functional cysts after stimming isn’t that uncommon (or so I found out the hard way. Note to new IVF-ers: no one warns you of this), having so many of them apparently is. Who knew that one could fit seven cysts in her pelvic area?! The lowdown is that a growing uterus coupled with multiple cysts take up a lot of space, all in an area where everything’s pretty condensed to begin with. Since there’s no room for everyone to fit nicely and get along, the cysts are pushing down onto my groin/pubic area. Combined with the vaginal area pain that Crinone can cause, it’s become the perfect cystic cocktail. Cheers!

Today’s u/s scan showed the same face-shaped cysts, albeit smaller. Dr. C assures me that the cysts will take “awhile” to disappear completely, but they WILL eventually go away on their own.

Today I had my third beta. My hcg level has jumped in one week from 214 to 2,102. I also has an ultrasound to see where things stand. I could see the black spec of the gestational sac on the u/s screen and it was all very exciting to me. Dr. C kept measuring and re-measuring one particular area though. He’s concerned that the embryo has implanted “very slightly off center” (his words). He wants to keep an eye on this. He also couldn’t see the yolk sac within the gestational sac. The sac itself measured at the size of a 5w1d sac; I’m currently 5w4d. Unfortunately I have to return in two days for follow up u/s. When my nurse called to give me the stats for today, I grilled the poor girl about the meaning of all these things for a good ten minutes. She assured me that a lot can change in two days. It’s still so early, sometimes I think they shouldn’t even be doing ultrasounds this early in.

One step forward, two steps back.

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

11 thoughts on “Left of Center”

  1. Dont u just love all the surpises (cysts) that come along that no one mentions? Ugh! Great rise in your beta, I hope all goes well at the next scan. And can I tell you how much I completely agree with not doing these early scans? For me, they caused so much stress. Thinking of u!

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  2. Ok, they are way over cautious with that eccentric implantation shiz. When I got pregnant from my transfer there, the embryo implanted off to the right and they got me so freaked out about it. It turned out to be nothing! They sent me out for a special ultrasound at the hospital and the radiologist was like, pssssh, it’s fine. I do agree that early scans are more trouble then they’re worth. I’m glad there was a sac in the uterus — that’s the important thing!

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  3. So crazy that you have seasonal Halloween cysts. I hope they resolve themselves soon. I appreciate your sharing that this can happen as I’ll likely try IVF for the first time in the new year. Wishing you time that flies and a great next scan!

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  4. ugh! if its not one thing, its another. I also hope they resolve themselves soon too. having PCOS, I get a lot of cyst, and they are painful. I’m sure its nothing. When I run into speed bumps (as I’m having one right now, blogging later about it when I stop licking my wounds), is just think about all those crack baby mamas out there popping kids out left and right with no issues. Praying you’ll get more of a clear answer with your upcoming appointment.


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