You Can’t Scare Me (part one)

Thank you to all you fellow bloggers who left a kind word on my last post about my possible ectopic pregnancy. Your encouragement and prayers really helped me through such a nightmarish situation. I know it must seem from all my posts lately that I live this drama-ridden, soap opera-esque life, but honestly, I DON’T! If it were up to me, I’d have the most boring, typical, run-of-the-mill, standard, textbook pregnancy known to man. If it were also up to me, I’d have skipped all this insanity and gotten pregnant the easy (and free!) way. Despite what I want, boring-ness continues to elude me. I have a few minutes to catch up here, but not enough time to post it all. So, here’s the first part of things:

The pregnancy is not ectopic. Not regular tubal ectopic and not corneal/interstitial ectopic either. It’s fully uterine. Dr. L told me it’s “one hundred percent not ectopic.” Since we all know that doctors don’t like to use never/always language, it’s a sure thing that the ectopic scare is over with for good.

As soon as Dr. L (who I now understand to be a perinatologist) ruled out an ectopic pregnancy though, the medical team immediately moved on to trying to scare me with the next possible disorder: that I potentially have a bicornuate uterus. Never heard of such a thing, you say?! Well, you can read the Wiki version here, but it can basically be summed up with this pic:

bicorneaute uterus

A bicornuate uterus (or a BU) is a Bad Thing. It can make a pregnancy high risk, necessitate a C-section or early delivery, cause internal bleeding, blah blah blah.

I immediately decided there’s NO WAY I have a BU. Sorry, doc, but you’re totally wrong. After more than a dozen years of uncountable scans, procedures, and surgeries surely someone would’ve noticed my apparent BU before now. The way I see it, right now I have one enlarged ovary surrounded by seven still-gigantic cysts. Thrown in just for fun, I also have a UTI. All these evil lovelies are surrounding my uterus and putting pressure on it. So how couldn’t all this extra internal junk cause my uterus to appear misshapen on an u/s? … Picture a blown up balloon being squeezed on two out of three sides…. Got it? After making up my mind that this whole thing was getting so completely out of hand, I did what all gals facing a nightmarish pregnancy do: I went camping with ten of my closest family last weekend. I didn’t blog. I didn’t Google. I didn’t obsess. I was careful, of course, but doctors cannot worry me out of living my life.

Naturally, today Dr. L ruled out a BU. Boo-ya!

And on that note, I gotta leave you guys hanging. I don’t have time right now to get into the next thing they’re trying to scare me with. Cause that’s just what they do: try to scare me into coming back over and over and over again.

Update to follow.


Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

11 thoughts on “You Can’t Scare Me (part one)”

  1. Wow, what a whirlwind!! I am so relieved to hear that both ectopic pregnancy and a BU have been ruled out. I don’t know what this next bit is that you are facing, but I hope that it turns out to be nothing. In the meantime, it’s great you were able to take the weekend and get away from everything. Allowing yourself to relax as much as possible is probably one of the best things you can do right now! xx

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  2. So glad to hear that its not ectopic… or a BU… fingers crossed for you for everything else! Sometimes I think with these early scans the docs must jump to conclusions – doesn’t do you much good to scare you like that!!

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  3. Oh my gosh, what a relief on both fronts… so happy for you! And exactly- after all the times we have these damn tests, there is no way someone wouldn’t have been able to find that before now. I hope you are hanging in there… hopefully your current scare isn’t too bad 😦


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