FET Prep Festivities


We’re about 6 weeks out from transfer. It sounds far away but I know how fast time flies, so now is the time to get started!

But before I go on, I have indeed been off WordPress for several weeks now. This here post doesn’t mean I’m totally back in the swing of things. Most days I can’t handle blogging or reading pregnancy posts. I’ve been going through some depression/withdrawal/isolation lately.  It’s been [and still is] a very real struggle. I can get up and go to work—and anywhere else that I absolutely have to—but nothing beyond that. Even those few things take major, major effort. I resent when I have to leave my house. I don’t want to interact with anyone. I know this is not normal. Maybe it’s a part of the grief process. Maybe it’s not. Either way, it’s there and some days are worse than others.

Back on subject:

With that said, I’m not sure how I feel about the FET. I’m mostly ambivalent. I’m neither excited about the possibility of a BFP nor bummed about a potential BFN.

If I’m totally honest, I’m Just Not Ready to transfer. But last year we’d purchased a package from our RE’s office that included 1 fresh/1 frozen cycle: therefore, we’ve already paid for this FET. The package gives us until mid-May 2016 to use our snowbaby; otherwise we have to pay for another FET from scratch. Starting a FET from scratch isn’t doable because we need that money for other things… So, yeah. You can appreciate my dilemma here. I pay for all this IF treatment business out-of-pocket and this ish is expensive… Leaving snowbaby frozen in perpetuity is not something that sits well with DH or I either, so—ready or not—we’re plunging ahead.

To be cautious, we chose an April transfer just in case something weird came up with my lining or timing, or which otherwise might push us back a month. I wish we had a few more months to do this. But we don’t. My current feelings on this topic are completely subject to change, though. So, onward!

Here’s where I’m at on the medical and physical end of things:

  • FET Consult: Is scheduled for Friday March 11. DH and I will meet with the nurse and go over the cycle in detail. We’ll sign additional paperwork and order my meds, which I already know consist of Estrace and PIO and post-transfer Medrol. Nothing hardcore in this department.
  • AF, March: I’m still waiting for my March period, which could come literally any time. Tomorrow? End of the month? Twice in a row? Who knows! AF comes whenever she feels like it these days, with or without warning, and (still) never following OV.
  • AF, April: Assuming I get a “regular” April period, our FET cycle will officially kick in at that time. If I end up getting two periods in March (very likely given my track record these days), then we’ll start after the second March period.
  • Supplements: I’m continuing my daily regimen of DHEA, CoQ-10, Vitamin D, and these super good multivitamin. About 2 – 3 weeks before transfer I’ll swap everything out for these prenatals.
  • Uterine Health: I scored 2 pounds of organic loose red raspberry leaf tea online for $18. This yields like a 6-month supply, there’s seriously SO much of this stuff! I brew it in half-gallon batches and drink cold, or steep individually for a hot beverage depending on the day and my mood. I drink two 12-ounce glasses a day, every day. My uterus should be super “toned” come transfer, whatever that means….
  • Acupuncture: I’ve only done acu once, pre fresh transfer… and I completely loathed the experience. Despite my personal feelings, I’m giving it a second chance. There’s too many studies and personal claims out there about acupuncture being beneficial for FETs. My first appointment is scheduled for March 10. I plan to go 1X/week every week, then 1X week of transfer, and, if possible, on the day of transfer itself. I may not enjoy it, but hopefully I’ll at least get used to it.
  • Nutrition: I already eat healthily, but—face it—there’s always room for improvement. Beginning last week I swore off anything unhealthy. At all. (Except natural dark chocolate bars in the event of an emergency. Unpredictable AF = unpredictable PMS = unpredictable cravings.) I’ve been drinking Raw Meal and Perfect Foods shakes every weekday morning since January and will continue until the day before transfer. These things actually taste pretty good with a bit of doctoring up, and I highly recommend them! No more raw foods post-transfer, even in powder form. I’ll miss my shakes!
  • The Big Bad: Okay, here’s where it gets ugly; please don’t judge. No one ever seems to talk about this on IF blogs. But after the m/c I picked back up on a nasty little habit of smoking cigarettes. Not good, I know, I know… I had been so proud of myself for quitting before, too! The stress and physical toll post-m/c was just too much, and I fell back to smoking like a long-lost friend. I swore it was temporary and I wouldn’t get hooked. But I got hooked anyway. All my hard work out the window. Now I’m quitting AGAIN. I’m currently on day 5 and it’s brutal. I only smoked about 6 – 7 cigs a day, but it’s the associations of smoking more than the act of smoking that make it so tough. I’m doing this cold turkey and on sheer willpower. I float between pissed off to livid to psycho-infuriated when I’m having a craving. It truly sucks. And I miss it (sue me). But quitting now gives me a solid 5 – 6 weeks to get nicotine and withdrawals completely out of my system.
  • Meditation: I’ve not tried this before, but many of you guys swear by it. A quick peruse of Amazon shows Circle + Bloom meditation CDs are waaay more expensive than I’m comfortable with, so unless I can score one super cheap I’ll leave meditation CDs on the “possibility” shelf.
  • Caffeine: I do love my 2 cups of coffee in the mornings; I also love my occasional third cup in the afternoons. I do not, however, love the single cup of coffee I’ve allotted myself from now until transfer. Like the Big Bad, cutting down on caffeine produces ugly withdrawal symptoms. On the bright side, simultaneous nicotine and caffeine withdrawal means I’ve only got to get over my addictions one time instead of dragging them out. Switching to only one cup of coffee/day now means it’ll be that much easier to completely stop after transfer. But still. It does kinda suck.
  • Exercise: I’m continuing with the gym 3X/week and walking on weekends. Now that the weather’s getting nicer, DH and I have been hitting up the track after work. It’s only two blocks from our house, and it’s so great to get fresh air instead of smelly gym air.
  • Scary Chemicals: I love making homemade household cleaners, homemade laundry detergent, and whipping up body butters in my kitchen. As a rule, I use natural, organic, enviro-friendly beauty products and avoid parabens, phthalates, animal testing, etc. This could be a post in itself I have so much to say on the subject! Anyways, I’ll continue with my natural and homemade remedies from now until transfer; and afterward, of course, too. My only exception to the Scary Chemical category is my hair color, which I’m getting touched up this weekend. After transfer I’ll let it fade into its natural mousy brown if we get a BFP.

I’m sure there’s more, but this list is already long enough. It all comes down to just making some {very specific} healthier choices as the FET gets closer. It’s a personal challenge I very much welcome.

I’ve had a tough time finding IF-related things to blog about lately.  I’ve started many drafts, but they’re just not doing it for me. So I’ll be posting as inspired or as anything happens.




Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

9 thoughts on “FET Prep Festivities”

  1. *Feeling ya* take care of yourself. One step in front of the other. That’s about all we can do sometimes. I know I’m on a totally different path than you, I’m still struggling too. I’m trying to breath and only take on one problem at a time, but so easily I can be taken down again by the darkness. Thinking about you!


  2. You are doing what is best for you to get by! No judgement here… You are an amazing person who deserves a happy ending. I hope this FET is it for you 🙂 I will be in your corner cheering you on!!


  3. Sohappy to see u post! Im sorry u are struggling right now, I think its something we all go through after loss. Just know we are here for u no matter what!
    And no worries on the smoking front, after each miscarriage, I smoke myself stupid too. I feel bad for myself and sit and smoke away the time. I get it. U will quit and you know it, so thats all that matters.
    Im glad u are giving acupuncture another try, I think u will enjoy it! My first appt for this FET is also the 10th ((must be a good day!!)). I am drinking my raspberrry leaf tea as we speak and getting ready to turn on my Circle + Bloom CD! Oh by the way, if you are wanting to order their CD, I can tell u how to get a discount code. I thought they were too pricey as well, did some research and got a decent amount off. Okay, sorry for rambling now…sending love!!!


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