Happy Pics

Recently Google notified me that my Google+ picture account is almost full; I had no idea there was even a limit. I began scrolling through my account to delete the pics I no longer need. As I did, I was surprised to see how many pictures of things I have: Things that simply make me happy, things I want to remember for later, things I’ve bought or want to buy, random things I come across that I want to capture… There’s more pics of “things” than people or pets in my phone!

Today I’m sharing a handful of these things that make me happy. I’ve been pretty down in the dumps lately since I lost my kitty so I decided to cheer myself up and share with you guys random happy pics. This also has virtually nothing to do with infertility, which is kind of a nice change for once.

Without further ado:

  1.  Red raspberry leaf tea and chamomile tea. I love a good tea [almost] as much as I love a good coffee. But since I’m trying to phase the one out and increase the other, it helps to make tea drinking a fun experience (especially when using tea to wash down a vat of vitamins and supplements, as pictured). The fancy umbrella glass below is homebrewed red raspberry leaf tea with fresh lemon and a splash of agave nectar.


2. Raw shakes. These guys are tasty and packed with nutrition. They’re also my daily weekday breakfast when I’m rushing to get to the office on time. They make an easy on-the-go meal, are organic, all-natural, and vegan. What’s not to love?happy2


3. Ginger. I love fresh grated ginger: in teas, as a tea, in recipes, just to smell, etc. A knob of ginger usually costs me about three bucks at the grocery store. Imagine how stoked I was to find a pound and a half of it for less than $2 at a farmer’s market!happy4


4. This lil Starling. (Okay, not really a thing so much, but anyway…) Although I can’t be sure, I like to think it’s the same bird who visits my office windowsill each afternoon. Starlings are an invasive, non-native species in my neck of the woods, but I can’t help to think the lil fella’s pretty cute anyway.



5. Paint and sips. I’ve gone to about 4 of these so far at various places and they’re so much freakin’ fun. Paint and sips make my stick-figure-drawing-self feel like Picasso, Michaelangelo, Bob Ross… Wine is truly a great uninhibiterator.


6. Chocolate. Perfectly portioned treats to split with someone (or, on a bad day, to eat for yourself). This one was made by a family friend who recently opened her own bakery.



7. Winter walks at this park. There’s something about the beautiful desolation of winter that I just connect with and love to experience. I’m pretty bummed to see winter leaving for the year; it’s my fave season.happy8


8. A healthy meal from my favorite café. Not only do they have great food, funky décor, modern day hippies working behind the counter, and outdoor seating, but they make a mean almond milk latte.


9. Re-growing foods: I live in a rental in the city, so it’s a bit tough to have a proper garden at my home (someday…*sigh*). When I learned how many foods can easily be re-grown though, I went to town and created a mini-lab in my kitchen! And, of course, I took pictures along the way to show off that it really works haha. Pictured below are green onions, carrot leaves (they’re edible!), and leeks. happy20

10. Classic paper books. It’s been a couple years since I’ve purchased a paper-and-ink book to read. I’m a voracious reader with not a lot of bookshelf space, so my Nook gets all the action these days. But recently someone gave me this book to read, and I loved not only the book itself, but the tangible paper aspect of reading it. The pic is sort of blurry, but it’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.



Peace. 🙂




Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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