FET #1: Takeoff

After a fun-filled 34 days (!) I finally made it to a new cycle and am currently on CD2. I’d say that it went fast, but it totally didn’t.

It was both disappointing and exciting to see AF. Disappointing since I’d been nurturing this secret dream of calling my clinic this week to proclaim, “Hey, Dr. C, cancel this FET cause by the grace of God, I’m pregnant naturally” (being 6 days late makes daydreams like these seem almost real). But it’s also exciting in the sense that—after months of physical and mental FET preparation—it’s finally happening and is no longer just a concept looming on the horizon.

I’m currently having the period straight from hades right now, complete with prescription narcotic painkillers for doubling-over-in-tears-type cramps, heating pads on my front and back, and slasher-film-style bleeding (thank you, endometriosis). What’s getting me through this temporary misery (besides copious amounts of Percocet) is the very real possibility that this could absolutely be my last period of 2016!

I had baseline and blood work today, signed even more consents, and was given my cycle calendar. Everything looked fine and my numbers were good (I always ask for my actual numbers. The clinic used to call me and be try to be like, “‘K. Your numbers are good” and leave it at that. But I always ask for a full readout of all the results cause I like to write them down and see how they change). Anyway, I know it’s just a calendar, but I’m pretty stoked about it, ’cause last time I had to make my own calendar and I seriously heart organization. As in, I organize my organizational material: I’ve a minor case of OCD. Even though the clinic gave me one, I’d already made my own blank calendar for this occasion and will probably end up using both cause, like I said, crazy organized and all… But enough on the calendar already.

I start Estrace tonight, as well as baby aspirin. I’ve been reading up on the benefits of taking baby aspirin during ARTs—and even well into the first trimester—and found practically all good things about it. There’s a few naysayers on the idea of course, but unless there’s an underlying medical condition it’s usually a nonissue. I asked Dr. C about the idea and he gave it his blessing, so hooray! I’ve stopped my Co-Q10 and DHEA and multivites. Now I’m just taking prenatals, Vitamin D-3, the Estrace, and baby aspirin. I take a 3mg Melatonin every night and forgot to ask the clinic if it was cool to still take it, but it’ll probably be alright up until the actual transfer. PIO injections begins sometime next week.

Here’s to a successful FET #1!















Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

12 thoughts on “FET #1: Takeoff”

    1. Thanks! If it makes you feel better, it was a generalized calendar for my protocol and not one made up especially for me. So I didn’t feel too special haha 🙂


  1. Yay! Go Go Go! Hope the horrible period symptoms stop soon (HUGE sympathies on that front) and wishing you so much good luck for your FET! 🙂 xxx


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