FET#1 CD6 Update

Things are going well so far in this FET cycle. So well, in fact, that this hardly feels like an update.

First off, I’m completely loving the relaxed feel of a FET vs. the stressful, timing-sensitive, endless scans, and stims overload of a fresh cycle. It’s easy to forget that I’m even in an IVF cycle right now since everything seems so eerily normal outwardly.

My BW numbers are all looking good and I don’t have any ovarian cysts. I’m so incredibly thankful for that: I’d been having crazy ovary pain lately, and was fearful that I had some monster cysts going on which would’ve made us postpone things.

My CD2 lining was 6.8, which has increased to 8.27 today (CD6). As long as it doesn’t get too thick (around 13ish) between now and CD17 then I should be just fine. I feel so grateful that this one very important area is normal and that I’ve no thin lining issues. So many of my IF friends on here struggle with that and my heart truly goes out to them, as I can appreciate how frustrating it must be. For all my other IF issues, I thank God for this one area always being on point.

I’ve been taking 4mg daily of oral estrogen for 5 days now. Tomorrow I increase it to 6mg. The Estrace makes me feel a little crazy for a few hours after taking it, but it’s nothing unmanageable. It (should) make sense that—since my usual CD3 migraines are caused by a drop in estrogen—boosting my estrogen levels with Estrace would stop a CD3 migraine … but no such luck. I’m no endocrinologist, but my guess is that too much estrogen is causing this problem now. Either way, I’ve been battling an incessant migraine almost all week, and, except for a 3-day break, I’ve basically been migraine-ing for the past ten days. It’s physically very draining to plug away each day feeling like crap, and I’m only today sloooooowly coming out of my foggy medicine-head haze.   The bonus to having an eternal migraine is that I’ve been unable to eat much due to the nausea and have lost a pound or so! Perspective and all….

In non-cycle news, DH and I adopted a new kitty this week! Since our cat passed away three weeks ago I’ve been feeling a huge hole in my life. It’s just not the same at home without having my lil buddy around. I mean, we do have another cat and all, but life is just a little less… colorful.  So—after much back and forth—we adopted a 13-year-old male cat from a rescue organization. I’d had my heart set on adopting a senior kitty, and kitty came to join our family just last night. The upheaval of bringing in a new pet is def a welcome distraction, especially with a TWW coming up. We have a pretty full house again with 3 coming-and-going humans all with opposite work schedules, 3 kitties of varying degrees of snottyness (one is my sister’s cat), a 65-pound maniacally energetic dog, and 2 feisty fish that somehow manage to destroy their tank as quickly as I can clean it. Add a baby to the mix and we’ll be well on our way to complete chaos. And I love every moment of it.

Anyway, Happy Friday, all! I leave you with a pic of our newest lovebug to start your weekends off right:








Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

10 thoughts on “FET#1 CD6 Update”

  1. What a lovely cat! Congratulations on welcoming him into your home! Glad you’re doing well & lining is thickening up nicely… you can do this! x

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  2. Awwww! What a pretty kitty!!! Sorry for all of your migraines 😦 They sound miserable. I hope you start to feel better soon! And then shortly after be hit with morning sickness! Or a healthy baby and skip the morning sickness! But you get the point. Good luck!

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  3. Good luck! Cute kitty 🙂 good on you for getting an older cat! I ended up doing FET to avoid OHSS (but my FET started immediately after IVF so it was all rolled into one big thing spanning about 8 weeks) but it is totally a different ball game to the IVF cycle – you kinda just feel like you are on a “break” despite the 8 drugs a day plus vitamins! BEST OF LUCK!!

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  4. Tugg looks like a sweetheart.. and the chaos is great! Haha. The migraines don’t sound fun at all, but I’m really glad for you that the FET cycle is going well so far 🙂 x

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  5. So sorry to hear about your cat. We had to put our dog down in February, and it was extremely difficult. Lately I’ve been feeling more open about getting a new friend to love, but it’s tough.

    I’m glad that things are calmer for you through the FET. I actually preferred it to the fresh as well, and I feel like it made the difference for us because it enabled us to be more precise regarding the lining. I’m wishing you lots of luck!

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  6. Your post sounds exactly like what I would have wrote! This FET cycle is definitely easier without all the doctor visits and the extra meds! Your new addition to the family is absolutely adorable, I hope he is settling in.

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