FET#1CD12 Update

Apparently I live for alarms.

I should stop calling this FET#1. Numbering IVF cycles like us IF bloggers do makes it sound like I’m expecting to have more than one. I believe this cycle will work and that there won’t even be a FET#2. Since I’m feeling lazy about coming up with spiffy post titles though, any suggestions for more creative phrases than “FET#1” are completely welcomed!

Today was my third u/s and BW draw. My lining was 9.2. Excellent. BW numbers were all good, too: estrogen at 624, progesterone dropped to 0.3, and LH increased to 18. Check, check, and check.

But then the u/s showed a 16mm follicle that had suddenly sprouted within the past week, which was expected by absolutely no one. The NP who did my u/s was concerned because I shouldn’t be growing any follicles right now, and this renegade follicle is nearly matured. There was a real question on whether this meant my entire FET should be cancelled. NP had to check with Dr. C and wait for my BW results to come in, so I spent the better part of today worrying that we’d have to scrap this cycle.

For months now my body either hasn’t ovulated at all, or has ovulated so late that my luteal phases were too short to get PG during natural TTC. Now my body suddenly decides it wants to OV early… during the one cycle when we’re trying to keep it from OVing on its own. At long last Dr. C made the call to keep going forward despite the lone ranger follicle, so tonight I’ll start PIO injections and Medrol as planned.

Whew. That was a fun few hours of waiting.

Except for that scare, everything else is going well. Transfer goes down in 5 days. I don’t expect to have much to post between now and then.

Just one last thing. It’s not an issue, more like something just worth mentioning: I haven’t seen Dr. C at all since my last h/s in January —and I won’t see or have direct contact with him this entire FET. I genuinely like Dr. C—both as a person and as my physician—so his absence this time around makes it seem like he’s not “in my corner” in a sense. During week 1 of my cycle Dr. C was out of town due to a death in his family. Each appointment I’ve had since week 1 has fallen on a day when Dr. C is not at my clinic’s location. Even my first beta is scheduled for a day when he does transfers at the surgical clinic! We’re like two ships passing in the night.

So I rearranged my first beta for one day later than originally scheduled just so I could see him. Yep, I’m gonna wait an entire extra day to find out if we’re pregnant just so I can see my doctor. We form bonds and a real trust with our REs. They’re our allies in battle. It’s nice to feel like your war buddy is by your side in the thick of things.



Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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