Intermenstrual Bleeding


Last month I took 50 mg of Clomid, unmonitored, on cycle days 3 through 7. I didn’t exactly expect it to work, but I had an extra script lying around and figured, meh, why not? While the Clomid failed to help to get me pregnant, it did give me some seriously painful cysts. I then had a particularly hellish period and figured that was the end of it.

Except that it wasn’t the end of it. This current cycle that I’m in—the one following the failed Clomid attempt—I’ve had intermenstrual bleeding 13 out of the 19 days since my period ended. If you’re wondering what intermenstrual bleeding is, because I’d never heard of it until this week myself, it’s “Vaginal bleeding that occurs between a woman’s monthly menstrual periods.” The causes of it can range from the benign to the frightening (thank you, Dr. Google). Every website I visited on the topic said that IM bleeding should be evaluated ASAP.

{{TMI WARNING!}}  My IM bleeding ranged from both bright and deep red to various shades of brown to nearly black, and was accompanied by both small, dense clots and large, goopy clots. Yuck fest. I ovulated super early on CD 12, and then the IM bleeding picked up serious speed: as in, I just kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding… but it was definitely not a period. The bleeding became like whoa heavier after sex. I eventually began to avoid sex altogether because, aside from Carrie-esque blood everywhere, intercourse was also painful. To top things off, the bleeding would intensify after—errrm—using the restroom, in which case streams of blood and clots would flow for hours afterward. Scary stuff for anyone, especially for a gal who’s had two ovarian cancer scares in the past. Okay, TMI session over.

Completely freaked out and not knowing who else to call, I emailed my RE, Dr. C. Within minutes of my email, the clinic called me to book a scan and blood work for the very next morning. Bonus awesomeness points to Dr. C! Not that he really needed any more awesomeness points: the man is a medical rock star.

Fortunately, my scan was overall normal. The cysts were gone. Dr. C did point out a couple pools of blood on the u/s screen that shouldn’t be there, but I never did get the location of where the blood was pooling. His take was that I either had a cervical infection or an ectopic pregnancy due in part to the Clomid. So, yeah: maybe something minor or maybe something completely terrifying! The results of my blood work would be what would solve this mystery. My blood was drawn and I was released to spend the rest of the day awaiting the results.

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve had the pleasure of awaiting an important results call from the clinic. Sheesh, did I ever not miss that feeling: carrying my cellphone everywhere, even to the bathroom, so I wouldn’t miss the call. Obsessively checking my phone for missed calls in case it magically turned itself to silent mode. Staring at—but not having any appetite for—lunch due to frayed nerves. You guys know what I’m talking about… I was a nervous wreck at work waiting for the clinic to call. Luckily I was able to wring my hands in relative privacy by closing my office door and only speaking to Boss when needed. Some days it pays to be queen, or, at least, female. Boss senses when I’m having medical girl issues and gives me a wide berth.

After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse called with my results. And much like the ultrasound, my blood work was also normal. So, no weird hormonal changes, no infection, and no ectopic. Confusing, right?

The consensus was that I should begin taking medroxyprogesterone, a/k/a Provera, to induce a [real] period.  I didn’t get much of an explanation about why I’m taking Provera, but I think it’s supposed to help reset my natural cycle. I’ve only just begun taking it and so I have no way of knowing yet how it will affect me, nor do I know if it’s supposed to make me start bleeding or stop bleeding. Does anyone have experience with this drug?

I really want to blame all this craziness on the Clomid, but I can’t prove that it’s the cause of things. Either way, I’m staying faaaaar away from that stuff from now on. If the Provera resets my cycle and I have no more IM bleeding, then good. If the IM bleeding continues, I’ll need a referral from Dr. C for more comprehensive testing. Praying that this medicine will take care of things.

Update to follow.





Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

8 thoughts on “Intermenstrual Bleeding”

  1. Ugh, Im so sorry. Bleeding like this is so not fun. And after all you have endured to top it off.
    After one of my losses, I experienced similar heavy bleeding (not on any meds though) and ended up having blood clots in my uterus per ultrasound images. Supposedly they were remnants from my miscarriage? Either way, I ended up having a d & c and it did help my future cycles. Just thought id share. Hopefully yours will resolve on its own, but if not, maybe this could be an option (not that its exactly a great one).

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  2. Eek! That sounds really scary. I had a lot of bleeding for a while and it was apparently due to endometriosis. I hate the random bleeding! And the post sex bleeding – way to kill the mood! I hope that you get it sorted. X

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