You are Not Alone


Here’s a little something that I read in a book recently. The instant I saw it, I just knew it was meant to be shared with all of you. I hope it brightens your day and provides a little boost of encouragement. This is success in—and in spite of—infertility.

I am a success if
I get through all of this and find
that I love the One who spoke the stars into being
even more than I did when I started,
though at times it has felt like
I’ve walked alone on starless nights.

I am a success if
I’ve managed to keep from shutting out
my most important relationships,
choosing instead to tenaciously initiate intimacy
even when I’ve had no strength left of my own
which with to knock on the door.

I am a success if
I’ve allowed these treacherous rapids
to cut canyons of inner beauty as I’m shaped,
unable to resist, careening along,
letting go of control and learning instead to trust.

I am a success if
I’ve made righteous decisions,
yet express true empathy for those
who have chosen different courses,
wiping their tears with my thumb
when they have faced consequences from their choices.

I am a success if
in the midst of these endless, intense longings,
I still dance in the shadows on a silent floor,
hoping beyond reason
because earthquakes and darkness
sometimes suggest an imminent resurrection.

Keep fighting, warriors, and know that you are not alone.


Taken from “You are Not Alone,” The Infertility Companion, by Sandra L. Glahn, Th. M. and William R. Cutrer, M.D., which you can find online here and here.

Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

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