All the Little Things: Chemical Purge


In my 6 year quest toward resolving infertility, I’m always looking for new ways to help my body prepare for a pregnancy.  One major part of being TTC is watching what chemicals and hormones I allow into my everyday life.

Things like phthalates, parabens, silicones, tricolsan, GMOs, pesticides, foaming agents,  plastics, BPA, etc. that are lurking in our daily lives are scary stuff.  In fact, it’s overwhelming! Just try to spend a day—even an hour—living completely free of any of those things. I dare you.

Since I want to do everything possible for my egg health and reproductive system, I’ve gotten mega serious about reducing the amount of chemicals I’m exposed to. Sometimes I wonder if my efforts are too little too late and the damage has already been done. But then I determine to do the best that I can, regardless. Even though I can’t live in the protective bubble that I’d like to, there are things I CAN do to reduce my exposure.

Every few months I go on a mad purge of my home. I’m constantly finding new chemical-laden things to say goodbye to. I’m smack in the middle of a purge right now, and am discarding anything questionable in my path—including all of Jake’s personal care products, which he’s surprisingly okay with. Guys tend to get upset if they don’t think their swimmers are up to snuff. And those swimmers are a major part of the baby equation!

Here’s the things I’ve either tossed or replaced since starting this kick. It’s a long list, but that just shows how prevalent chemicals are in everyday life. By the way, none of the brands I’ve mentioned has given me anything to endorse them. I share this list with you in a genuine effort to help anyone who may be reading think about her reproductive health in a new light:

What I Tossed Why I Tossed It How I Replaced It
Dish soap and hand soap Contains foaming agents and tricolsan, an endocrine disruptor. Replaced with brands The Honest Company, 7th Generation, and Elmore Mountain Farms.


Dish sponges Contain tricolsan, in addition to taking like a trillion years to decompose in a landfill.


Replaced with triclosan-free, sustainable sponges by Full Circle Home.
Plastic cutting boards Studies show that plastic cutting boards actually hold more bacteria than wood! Plus, eating BPA particles if I accidentally chop the plastic board isn’t very appetizing.


Replaced with a 3-set of bamboo cutting boards, sans wood glue or any coating. Glass is probably okay to use, but I think food slides around too much on glass cutting boards.
Nonstick pots and pans By now, most people know that the coating on nonstick cookware (especially once scratched) leeches some seriously nasty chemicals.


Replaced with stainless steel. One day when I’m rich, I’ll get the really good stuff.
Plastic cooking utensils BPA and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Replaced with wood and stainless steel. Tossed any Solo cups, plastic eating utensils, etc. lurking around my kitchen.


Hand sanitizer Triclosan and other endocrine disruptors. Stopped using altogether. It’s worth the so-called “inconvenience” to wash my hands with the healthier soaps I mentioned above.


Household cleaners Tested on animals, full of scary chemicals. Replaced with brands such as 7th Generation and The Honest Company. Also stocked up on hydrogen peroxide and vinegar–they get the job done too!


Hair products This one’s a biggie for me! My hair is mega curly and unruly, and I’m forever seeking the perfect concoction of haircare products for it. I avoid anything tested on animals, with animal-derived ingredients (like keratin), and with phthalates, silicones, parabens, etc.


Work in Progress. I still use some Deva Curl products, but EWG gives it shoddy reviews. Shea Moisture and Dr. Bronner’s are good brands and affordable. I know there’s better stuff out there, but I can’t break the bank with experimenting right now.
Nail polish color and remover Nail polish is in the Top 5 of beauty product’s Dirty Dozen list. It’s literally a jar chock full of toxic chemicals. I (begrudgingly) threw away all my polishes and remover. There’s brands out there that are healthier alternatives, but right now I just don’t feel like shelling out ten bucks for a teeny bottle of paint. So I go without.


Makeup Full of questionable chemicals and endocrine disruptors; also notoriously tested on cute little bunnies and other helpless critters. I love my makeup. And I’ve never been one to gravitate toward the uber-expensive stuff. Thanks to my dear friend Lisa at Bloomin’Uterus, I’ve discovered Orglamix makeup! Slowly over the past 6 months I’ve been replacing my makeup products one piece at a time with Orglamix, and am a happy customer so far!


Lip gloss Many lip glosses/lip balms are petroleum-based. Petroleum is a byproduct of oil refining, and can contain carcinogens.


I make my own! Some beeswax, cocoa butter, and essential oils is all it takes. So easy.
Shower loofah Flexible plastics are chock full of phthalates. One day as I showered with my healthy Dr. Bronner’s soap, I took a hard look at my cheap plastic loofah. Was I literally coating my body with phthalates while using healthy soap? Eek!


I bought a natural sea sponge loofah on Amazon. It cost $12. No matter how careful I am to dry it, I still have to sanitize it in the sun every couple of days to keep mildew from growing, which is so inconvenient. Currently looking for a worthy replacement.
Toothpaste Unnatural added colors, tested on animals, unnecessarily added fluoride, triclosan (at least in Colgate), added sugars. Replaced with Tom’s of Maine, Dr. Bronner’s, and Nature’s Gate brands, depending on which one’s available when I shop.


Laundry detergent Animal testing, added dyes, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, etc. I make my own! A bar of natural laundry soap, some borax, and super washing soda. I throw it all into the food processor for a few minutes. About 2 tablespoons per load does the trick.


Lotions Chemicals and tested on animals, plus usually packaged in plastic bottles


I make my own! My daily go-to is an essential oil body butter, which can be found here.
Facial moisturizer/wrinkle cream Just a big ‘ole (well, little ‘ole) jar of chemicals. I just use organic coconut oil… very sparingly and only in the spots where I need it. After a few minutes, I blot off any excess oil.


Deodorant Can anyone say “aluminum?” Yikes—natural deodorants are so meh! Or maybe I’m just stinky. Brands I’ve tried include Tom’s of Maine, Stink Bug, Nature’s Gate, Thai Crystal, and *some other brand I forget.* Currently my fave is Stink Bug brand, but I have to reapply like 3 times a day.


Body Wash Phthalates, parabens, foaming agents. Dr. Bronner’s. Period—it’s the best! Also can be used for other home cleaning projects.


Tampons/Pads/Pantiliners Most days of the month I need protection from bleeding or spotting. Vaginal area skin is both sensitive and porous. Traditional feminine products are bleached and full of “absorbent” chemicals.


Replaced with brands Natracare and Veeda, which are affordable, unbleached, and free of added chemicals.
Drinking straws Hello, BPA! Also takes hundreds of years to decompose, and sea turtles can mistake plastic straws for food, then the straws get stuck the poor turtles. I make a daily smoothie/shake for work and used to use disposable plastic straws. I replaced them with a set of reusable glass drinking straws scored off Amazon.

As for the smoothie’s themselves, I simply pour them into repurposed glass spaghetti sauce jars and head out the door.


Flea and ticks I love to snuggle with Puppy. I don’t, however, love to snuggle with questionable chemicals, which flea and tick medications are loaded with.


A few drops of essential Rose Geranium oil on Puppy before going outside keeps ticks at bay. As for fleas, we don’t use anything. And we haven’t had a flea problem in 8 years. I don’t think it’s necessary.

This list isn’t exhaustive; it’s fluid and ever-changing.

I’m interested in your thoughts on the matter. What have you changed or given up in this area since becoming TTC?

Peace. ❤


Author: Marixsa

Resolving infertility as childless-not-by-choice and encouraging fellow endo warriors along the way.

10 thoughts on “All the Little Things: Chemical Purge”

  1. Food for thought. Thank you for this servicey post.

    There’s Triclosan in those synthetic sponges? 😩😫

    I’ve been waiting to replace recycled water bottle cutting board I purchased in 2007 with bamboo from Publix. How do you know if there’s no wood glue? In the meantime I’ve been chopping food on our porcelain plates.

    I use 7th generation pads, too. I bought a huge bulk pack from Amazon in 2014 and I’m still using them. I don’t think endo sisters should wear tampons at all. I know retrograde menstruation hasn’t been proven but it make sense to me. I don’t want to take my chances. Plus tampons dry up fertile cervical fluid.

    I wonder if there’s BPA in the fridges where our food is stores. The veggie and fruit drawers are made out of plastic. I wonder if there is BPA in them.

    As for fleas and ticks (there are no ticks where I live), we use trifexis. It’s heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and flea protection in one capsule. Have your vet prescribe it for your doggies. Thanks for geranium oil hack.

    I use coconut oil to moisturize when needed. I don’t moisturize too often. I find putting coconut oil on as a moisturizer before foundation creates a highlighting/glowing effect without the awful chemicals in highlighters.

    I pretty much haven’t used mainstream makeup since February. I use earth-friendly green color corrector, foundation, and mascara. I want to purchase “clean” blush, lip color, eyeliner, and eye shadow but they are all super expensive and it hasn’t been a priority to me. I like wearing “natural” makeup.

    Hubby washes his clothes with peppermint Dr. Bonners. I used it as a body wash years ago but it is too runny for me and I end up wasting a lot of product because I like saponficiation. We use a clean versions of dishwashing soap, laundry soap, and dishwasher soap.

    I use a vinegar and citrus essential oil based cleaner for the kitchen. I bought it for $6. Now that it needs a refill I’ll just replace with water, white vinegar, and a citrus essential oil.

    Since I live in state where there are roaches, we still have our Raid can because it’s most effective at killing roaches. Glory to God, we don’t have a roach problem.

    I just thought about toilet paper. Hubby and I are diehard Charmin’s fans for almost a decade. I’m sure it has nasty chemicals in it. Oh deary. Maybe I shouldn’t google it.

    I swapped out our shower liner that was pvc-Free and free of other toxic chemicals. I considered going hemp or cotton instead but I could just picture mold flourishing and it seems high maintenance.

    I take the medication Advair for my asthma that I’ve had since age 4. I was thinking if the plastic discus inhaler has bpa in it. There’s really no end to where nasty chemicals can be hiding.

    Oh, and we already talked about this, I put a 7th generation liquid handsoap I’m the women’s bathroom since I cannot verify the ingredients in the soap dispensers. I was reading that triclosan is banned in soaps in the U.S. So now my coworkers are going to think I’m so weird. Ha ha.

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    1. Also, I think about if mail/package delivery trucks are insulated. I get supplements and the Advair inhaler from faraway places. Are they sitting in hot delivery trucks and therefore BPA is seeping into my supplements and medication?


  2. Wow, I wasn’t aware of half this stuff. Scary when you think about it! Changes I made was hardly ever wearing nail polish any more, replacing my shampoo with a chemical free natural brand and trying to buy food in packaging that’s not tins to avoid BPA. A friend told me there is BPA on receipts so in the supermarket I only take the receipt if I really need it and then only handle it for a second.

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  3. Loved this post – amazing that what is good for you is good for the planet too! I’m constantly trying to do right by the planet and my body though it is a challenge especially on a strict budget.

    Suggestion for the loofah replacement – a cotton wash rag.

    And while we will never eliminate all the chemicals in out environment, the more we cut out, the better we are. And our future children (I’m optimistic this morning!)

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  4. Really interesting post! Some things there I wasn’t aware of, so thanks for sharing! It seems tough to get rid of these things but actually in practice there are lots of alternative brands out there it seems. Hand sanitiser is a good one to get rid of, I’ve read that it doesn’t actually work and we’re much better using a “good” soap and spending a couple of minutes washing our hands rather than a quick rub with hand sanitiser xx

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  5. Oh wow I thought I had everything crossed out. It didn’t even occur to me about the plastic loofah! That’s definitely going to have to go.
    But like you, I’m a Deva Curl and Shea Moisture girl. I don’t think that will change. It’s a nightmare to find good hair products.
    Someone mentioned the receipts. I try my best not to touch those. I see the cashier get annoyed when i ask them to put it in the bag but I’m past caring I think.
    Oh and I use Tarte for makeup. I hardly ever wear makeup but I like Tarte. I do not like the price. lol.

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  6. OMG this was incredible!!!!! And I love that you make so much of your own things!!! AND…kitchen utensils…crap – I hadn’t though of that. We have some wooden cooking utenils, but a lot of plastic ones. And plastic cutting boards – I’m gonna go shopping soon!!!

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