This is the section where I write witty remarks about myself that will intrigue you enough to keep reading. Today is not your lucky day though: I’m terrible at summing myself up on the internet. I’m also secretly jealous of people who write amazing About Me sections, but, please, let’s keep that between us.

What is there to say about myself here except that I am one infertility blogger amongst many?

But since I hate to completely disappoint, here’s the basic deets: I am Marixsa, a 30-something gal who’s been happily married to my wonderful husband, Jake*, for 12 13 years. We are your basic normal people: we work during the day. travel when we’re able. go to church on Sundays. spend time with friends. try to get along with our families. And we love The Lord Jesus; He is at the center of our marriage.

We are proud parents to two ill-tempered kitties (Kitty and Grumpy Cat), one neurotically enthusiastic 65-pound lap dog (Puppy), and a tank full of fish.

Oh yeah: and we’ve been trying to conceive our first baby for four five six years (got a sec? see our TTC Timeline!).

The doctors have ominously given us only a 3 – 4% chance of conceiving naturally. But does that stop us from trying? Pssssssh!  Nor can it keep us from believing that God still performs miracles and will, in His perfect timing, bless us with the desire of our hearts. Never stop believing that a miracle can happen to you! God is still very much in the miracle-making business. 

Few people in my real life know about our infertility struggles. So I started this blog as an outlet to navigate the maze of dealing with stage IV endometriosis, all-things-TTC, infertility treatments, miscarriages, surgeries, emotions, and other unexpected bits of life that creep up in between.

Above all else, I am trusting in God’s awesome promises and seeking Him throughout this sojourn to “…give the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD!” (Psalms 113:9 NLT).


*Names changed. I like my privacy. 


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