Cast of Characters

This is a semi-anonymous blog. “Semi” because I’ve gotten kind of lazy about concealing my real identity, but I still keep things basically anonymous.

I write using pseudonyms. Here’s the who’s-who:

The Fam:

  • Jake = My husband—tall, dark, and handsome.
  • Marixsa = Yours truly.
  • Puppy = Our four-legged child.  Puppy is a 65-pound dog who believes that he’s a tiny lapdog.
  • Kitty = Our feisty, chatty 13-year-old kitty.  She’s a through-and-through diva.  (2019 update: Kitty ditched us to be an outdoor cat and live with our neighbors.  Little brat.  When we moved to a new town, Kitty stayed behind.)
  • Mega Fluff = Kitten we adopted in spring 2018.  She’s ridiculously soft and fluffy.