Cast of Characters

This is a semi-anonymous blog. I say “semi” because there’s enough info on here that anyone who knows me could figure out who I am.

Even so, I write using pseudonyms. Here’s the who’s-who:


The Fam:

  • Jake = my awesome, sexy husband.
  • Marixsa = yours truly.
  • Puppy = our dog / makeshift child. He’s not technically a puppy anymore, but he sure likes to think he is.
  • Kitty = our tiny, feisty, friendly kitty who’s just brimming with personality.
  • Grumpy Cat = our obese, cantankerous, geriatric kitty who is generally impossible to please.


The Medical Peeps:

  • Dr. C = my main reproductive endocrinologist. I’ve yet to come up with an appropriate alias for him, but it’s in the works.
  • Dr. Goodman = the reproductive endocrinologist who’s done most of my fertility testing. She’s a minor character.
  • Dr. Din = The OB/GYN with other, fancy initials behind his name who did my February 2017 surgery.
  • Dr. Maryland = my latest doc who’s working with me to solve the puzzle of my mystery bleeding.