Visiting the ART of Infertility Exhibit

A free, month-long art exhibit in Philly all about infertility?  Too good to be true?  Nope: actually true! As soon as I heard there would be an IF art exhibit near me, I was interested.

Philadelphia’s Jewish Art Center is hosting this exhibit, called Cradling Creativity, during the month of November.  It’s sponsored by my former clinic, among others. Awesome, amiright?  I mean, how often is infertility awareness made so public?

Usually art eludes me and I don’t go out of my way to visit art museums or the like.  I have this idea that I’m somewhat artsy, but I delude myself: if asked to sketch a person, I’d draw a stick figure so that hardly counts.  But I can still appreciate others’ artistic endeavors—even the abstract ones that I don’t always understand.

Yesterday I met up with Tanya, the blogger behind The Sky and Back—who’s as lovely in person as she is online—to check out the exhibit.  Our meeting was a long time coming.  Even though we’re both IF bloggers in the same city who use[d] the same clinic, we’d never actually met!  Any gal who’s been TTC long enough knows that special kindred connection we share with one another.  Sometimes you just need to be in the company of a friend who gets it.

There was no one else at the exhibit except us. I’m sure the JAC wanted a better turnout too, especially on a Saturday. Maybe we just got there at a bad time. While I was waiting outside and before we went in, a couple of tourists noticed the sign for exhibit, exclaimed something among themselves about it being “weird” and went about their business. I can hope that it was an off day and that the exhibit has helped open others’ eyes about the real impacts of infertility on its sufferers.

I leave you now with some pics, since I only photographed part of the exhibit.  I just realized… I hope I’m allowed to post these!  I think so, since the artist’s names are alongside the paintings so they’ll get their fair credit.