Full TTC Timeline

2002 (starting in the way back!)

May 2002: Nautral m/c #1 with DH.


September 2003: Married DH.


April 2004: Dermoid cyst suspected on right ovary. Colposcopy (ouch!).

June 2004: Laparotomy #1 and laparoscopy #1 to remove dermoid and entire right ovary (oophorectomy). Not TTC.


Sometime in 2006: Based on dyspareunia etc., GYN suspects endo but cannot dx 100%.


April 2008: Laparotomy #2: remove belly button, remove keloid, and repair umbilical hernia. Surgery resulted from displaced endometrial and uterine cells from 2004 surgery described above. Still not TTC.


October 2010: Large cyst dx on remaining right ovary.

November 2010: Laparotomy #3 to remove cyst. Dx = severe stage IV endo; many adhesions removed; small portion of left ovary removed. Also had appendectomy while the surgeon was “in the neighborhood.”


June 2011: Officially begin TTC!

July 2011 — November 2011: Continue TTC. All BFNs.

December 2011: Stopped TTC b/c of pain. Another large cyst found on remaining left ovary. Antral follicle count  = 33 year old’s egg reserve (my age: 29).


January 2012: Laparoscopy #2 to remove large cyst; episiotomy to remove multiple endo adhesions from rectum. Severe stage IV endo had completely returned. A second small portion of left ovary removed.

February 2012 – March 2014: Break from TTC due to extreme, recurring, daily ovarian and pelvic pain resulting from 4th surgery. Consider IVF.


April 2014 to March 2015: Resume TTC. All BFNs.


April 2015: Begin treating with new RE, Dr. B. LUFS suspected ruled out. Ovulating normally (hooray!).

May 2015: IUI #1.

June 2015: IUI #1 = BFN. Begin treating with another new RE, Dr. C.

  • Later in June 2015: HSG #1. Dx = clear tube!

July 2015: H/s #1. Dx = uterus tilted and rotated left 30°.

August 2015: Begin EPP.

September 2015: IVF #1, fresh cycle.

October 2015: IVF #1 = BFP!

  • End of October 2015: Dx = blighted ovum.

November 2015: Natural m/c #2.


December 2015 – February 2016: Cycles remain abnormal following m/c #2. Plenty of AFs, but no OV and LFD noted. Continue TTC. BFNs.

February 2016: h/s #2. Dx = arcuate uterus.

April 2016: FET #1.

May 2016: FET #1 = BFP!

  • Later in May 2016: Natural m/c #3, chemical pregnancy.

June 2016: Continue TTC. BFN.

July 2016: Clomid 50mg  on CD’s 3 – 7. BFN.

August – September 2016: Pause TTC b/c of constant mystery vaginal bleeding. 2 rounds of Provera, elevated progesterone levels, no resolution.

October  – November 2016: Still having long cycles and hit-or-miss ovulation. BFNs.

December 2016: Surgical consult for surgery #5. Intermenstrual bleeding returns.


February 2017: Successful laparoscopy #3/surgery #5/H/S #3.  Dx =Pelvic Adhesive Disease, tubal factor infertility, and suspected adenmyosis. Fallopian tube successfully unblocked and drained and pelvic adhesions removed. No endometriosis found!


4 thoughts on “Full TTC Timeline”

  1. Hi fellow blogger. I am so sorry for your struggles and pain. This IF battle is so unfair. I also have endo (upcoming surgery to fully diagnose and hopefully remove) and DOR. I am not sure where you live and what your resources are but I highly recommend Dr. Braverman in NYC. A few fellow bloggers with these two problems have recently finally had success with him. I am just now seeing him but can tell his care is specialized to our diagnoses. Just thought I would throw that out there. Wishing you so much luck and light. Xo


    1. Hello Mamajo! Welcome! I hope your surgery is successful. Will this be your first? I’m actually only about 2 hours from Dr. Braverman (in Philly). I’ve looked into using his practice and RI in general, but I have no fertility insurance coverage and, unfortunately, he is just way expensive for me. Best wishes 🙂

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      1. Oh, wow, yes! I’ll send you some of my personal do’s and don’ts for laps, shoot me an email sometime (there’s a ‘contact’ page on my site). I love to help others out with this kind of thing, cause any surgery is a scary thing to face. xx

        Liked by 1 person

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