Full TTC Timeline

2002 (starting in the way back!)

May:   Natural m/c #1 with Jake.


September:   Married Jake.


April:   Dermoid cyst suspected on right ovary.  Colposcopy (ouch!).

June:   Surgery #1 (laparotomy #1 and laparoscopy #1) oophorectomy to remove dermoid and right ovary.  Not TTC yet.


Sometime in 2006:  Based on dyspareunia etc., GYN suspects endometriosis.


April:   Surgery #2 (laparotomy #2):   Surgery due to displaced endometrial and uterine cells from 2004 surgery.  Removed my belly button, removed keloid, and repaired umbilical hernia.  Not TTC.


October:   Large cyst dx on remaining right ovary.

November:   Surgery #3 (laparotomy #3) to remove growing cyst.  CA-125 severely elevated, doctors fear I have ovarian cancer.  Dx = severe stage IV endo (no cancer!); many adhesions  and small portion of left ovary removed.  Appendectomy while the surgeon was “in the neighborhood.”


June:   Officially begin TTC! 

December:   Stopped TTC b/c of pain.  Another large, growing cyst found on remaining ovary.  Antral follicle count  = 33 year old’s egg reserve (my age: 29).


January:   Surgery #4 (laparoscopy #2) to remove large cyst; episiotomy (!) to remove multiple endo adhesions from rectum.  Severe stage IV endo had completely returned.  Another small portion of left ovary removed.


April 2014 to March 2015:   Renew TTC with vengance.  All BFNs.


April:   Begin treating with new RE.  LUFS suspected ruled out.  Ovulating normally (huzzah!).

May:   IUI #1.

June:   IUI #1 = BFN.

>>>>>>>>Later in June:   HSG #1. Dx = clear tube!

July:   h/s #1. Dx = uterus tilted and rotated left 30°.

August:   Begin EPP.

September:   IVF #1.

October:   IVF #1 = BFP!

>>>>>>>>End of October:   Dx = blighted ovum.

November:   Natural m/c #2.


December 2015 – February 2016:   Cycles abnormal following m/c #2.  Plenty of AFs, but no OV and LFD noted.  Continue TTC.  BFNs.

February:   h/s #2. Dx = arcuate uterus.

April:   FET #1.

May:   FET #1 = BFP!

>>>>>>>>Later in May: Natural m/c #3, chemical pregnancy.

July:   Clomid 50mg  on CD’s 3 – 7.  BFN.

August – September:   Mystery vaginal bleeding begins.  Two rounds of Provera, elevated progesterone levels, no resolution.

December:  Surgical consult for surgery #5.  Intermenstrual bleeding returns.


February:   Successful surgery #5 (laparoscopy #3 and h/s #3).  Dx = Pelvic Adhesive Disease, tubal factor infertility, and suspected adenmyosis.  Fallopian tube successfully unblocked and drained and pelvic adhesions removed.  No endometriosis found!

August:   Uterine biopsy to determine cause of bleeding.  Dx = bleeding from cervix; no medical remedy available.

The rest of the year:  BFNs—every last one of them.


Yeah, nothing.  A full year of BFNs.  Cervical/intermenstrual bleeding all year.  Surgical consult for surgery #6.


Still kind of TTC, but stopped BBT. Sporadically used OPKs and and fertility monitor. Decided to resolve CNBC.

September: Surprise natural m/c #4, chemical pregnancy, no ART involved.


In progress!

7 thoughts on “Full TTC Timeline”

  1. Hi fellow blogger. I am so sorry for your struggles and pain. This IF battle is so unfair. I also have endo (upcoming surgery to fully diagnose and hopefully remove) and DOR. I am not sure where you live and what your resources are but I highly recommend Dr. Braverman in NYC. A few fellow bloggers with these two problems have recently finally had success with him. I am just now seeing him but can tell his care is specialized to our diagnoses. Just thought I would throw that out there. Wishing you so much luck and light. Xo


    1. Hello Mamajo! Welcome! I hope your surgery is successful. Will this be your first? I’m actually only about 2 hours from Dr. Braverman (in Philly). I’ve looked into using his practice and RI in general, but I have no fertility insurance coverage and, unfortunately, he is just way expensive for me. Best wishes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, wow, yes! I’ll send you some of my personal do’s and don’ts for laps, shoot me an email sometime (there’s a ‘contact’ page on my site). I love to help others out with this kind of thing, cause any surgery is a scary thing to face. xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I found your blog and realized you also suffer from adenomyoisis like me. It hurts sometimes to see parents running around with their children, wondering if that’ll ever be me. For comfort I’ve looked up blogs like yours hoping to hear others journey through infertility.

    And maybe one day if they ever get a miracle.


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